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Humans of Kerala - Tea Shop Chettan

30x45 cm / 12x18″
Dark wood

Humans of Kerala - The Farm Hand

30x45 cm / 12x18″
Dark wood

Frame Preview

  1. This beautiful illustration features the Chayakkada Chettan or your friendly neigborhood Tea Shop “proprietor” – a central character to every village in Kerala. Chances are that you wouldn’t have tasted a better cup of tea anywhere else in the world than from him. Also unforgettable are his crunchy  pazhamporis, parippuvadas and an assortment of oily snacks that line the cupboard.
  2. They bent their backs from dawn to dusk in the rice fields come scorching sun or pouring rain to shape the agricultural history of our state. The women farm hands were a sight to behold, singing folk songs in unison busy sowing or reaping depending on the season. With shrinking agricultural land and increasing mechanization, these strong women are also fading into the sunset. Now, bring home that sweet memory from your homeland.

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